Alamogordo to Deming – By way of Aguirre Springs

The full hookup convenience of our RV park in Alamogordo was nice and all, but what we really needed was something a little more rustic (think cheaper). We ended up in Aguirre Springs campground, just east of Las Cruces and it did not disappoint. For a mere $7 per night, we got one of the most beautiful campgrounds we’ve ever frequented. In-between Alamogordo and Las Cruces New Mexico lie the Organ Mountains, a rugged range made up of canyons, woodlands, springs, and rocky spires resembling the pipes of an organ. The Aguirre Springs campground is a BLM administered site nestled on the eastern slopes of the Organ Mountains.

Alamogordo to Las Cruces with a stop at Aguirre Springs Campground

The tiny cover charge gained us access to a campsite with a garbage can, a covered picnic table, a charcoal grill, and a fire pit. Quite a bargain, although considered “dry camping” due to the lack of water, sewer, and electricity. The road up to the campground was circuitous, and not recommended for larger RVs and trailers. Our small Class C RV had no problem negotiating the twists and turns. The campground was a mixture of large sites suitable for RV camping, and smaller sites more suited to tent camping. Most of the sites were unlevel. Some were very unlevel and quite small. We picked one of the more level sites and still spent at least 20 minutes trying to get perfectly level (unsuccessfully, but good enough).

Due to the lack of electrical hookups, we spent a lot of time worrying about running down our batteries. The worry was probably unnecessary. By the second day, we had used only about 20 percent of our battery capacity. We ended up running the generator as a test to see how fast we could charge our batteries. We ran the generator for about an hour and fifteen minutes and the batteries were fully charged. I felt a little guilty that we were noise polluting the campground, but we ran during non-quiet hours so I didn’t feel too guilty. Over the next two days we were mindful of our battery usage but never dropped below 60 percent charge level.

Aguirre Springs site 28 with the Organ Mountains in the Background

Our campsite offered spectacular views of the Organ Mountains to the west and the desert valley to the east. The mountains still had a bit of snow in the shadows, and the valley was teaming with yellow flowers of some sort. There were a few hiking trails nearby. One trail was closed due to a recent fire. We hiked the trail closest to the campground and it offered more of the same excellent views witnessed from the campground. It roughly followed a seasonal stream that seemed like an oasis in the otherwise dry desert.

We ended up staying three nights at Aguirre Springs. We debated leaving after two nights due to high winds and fire danger but opted to stay a third night. I’m glad we did, even though we just hunkered down inside the camper for most of the third day. After leaving the campground, we traveled west through Las Cruces and on to interstate 10. This stretch of interstate is pretty crappy, with lots of truck traffic, and even an ICE checkpoint!

By mid-day, we had made it to Deming. We stopped to pick up some groceries and provisions at Walmart. I’ll take the risk of alienating our large and loyal fanbase in Deming and say Deming does not seem very nice. The dust storm we encountered doesn’t help my general impression, nor do the homeless people playing guitar outside of Walmart. Also, there’s someone checking receipts as you leave Walmart… not a great sign.

Dust storm in Deming

We stayed at St. Claire Winery in Deming as part of our Harvest Host membership. For the cost of a couple bottles of wine we enjoyed a free night in their parking lot. It was lovely, although the camper felt like it was going to tip over due to the wind, and we couldn’t see anything due to the dust. Tomorrow we’ll be moving on to the Wilcox Arizona area god willing. The forecast is for more wind.

Nice Harvest Host site at St. Claire Winery in Deming New Mexico

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