There is nothing quite like starting a cool morning in the backcountry with a cup of coffee. However, carrying in a big coffee setup isn’t an option when backpacking. Instead, we take instant coffee or single-use pour-overs when we’re heading out on an adventure because they’re more compact. Today we’re going to test a bunch of different options and share the results with all of you!

》Things Mentioned in the Video
The Gear:
Pocketrocket (MSR Wind Pro II no longer available) –
Toaks Pot & Pan (Evernew no longer available) –
Jet Boil Flash Cooking System –
GSI Infinity Backpacker Mug –
The Coffee:
Laird Superfood –
Alpine Start –
Kuju Coffee Single Origin Papua New Guinea –
Kuju Coffee Single Origin Ethiopia –
Kuju Coffee Basecamp Blend –

The blog post detailing the review:

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