Is there anything better than an incredible cup of coffee with a beautiful view?! No? I’ll wait.
Over the years we’ve honed our camp coffee setup through many iterations and have gotten to the point where we rarely go out for coffee because what Owen makes is SO GOOD!
Wanting to pass a little of our experience along and in a quest for more knowledge on the camp coffee brewers on the market, we made a video detailing the strengths and weaknesses of eight highly-rated brewers! Our goal wasn’t necessarily to declare one brewer as the ultimate winner, but instead to help you figure out which is the best for you and your needs. We also take you through our personal setup and all the accessories we use to brew coffee every day!
In addition to the video, we also wrote up a blog post with the cliff notes on each brewer as weak as the brewing recipes we used during our weeks of testing!

PS: We’re giving away all of the brewers used to conduct these highly scientific coffee experiments. Head to the video to watch and learn how you can win one of them! 

》Things Mentioned in the Video
The Gear:
Snow Peak French Press –
GSI French Press –
Espro Ultralight Press Bottle –
Aeropress –
Stanley Pour Over –
GSI Java Drip –
MiiR Pourigami –
Snow Peak Folding Pour Over –

The Blog Post with Recipes:

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