how to fix an rv mirror it’s an easy diy project

With the RV in storage as I await to get the roof fixed, there are still other projects I want to do, including how to fix an RV mirror.

Fixing the RV mirror on the right side has been a project I’ve been dealing with for over a year. In this episode I’m going to take you through how easy a project it is and one I think you can do on your own as well if you ever need to fix an RV mirror.

To get the complete details on how to do it all, please make sure you head on over to

Also, a big shout out to “Mill Supply Inc.” I don’t get any discounts from them, however they helped me not only find the mirror, they sent it off quickly to me and when I thought I had the wrong mirror, they fixed it quickly, sent me a new one and they were amazing to deal with.

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Searching for a Mirror

The New Adventures of RVJedeye Season 6

Mill Supply Inc.


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