LUXURY Pro Master PACKED WITH COOL FEATURES | 2 Work Areas, Stunning Bathroom, Ingenious Seating ๐Ÿš

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Jessie & Chris converted this 2019 Ram Pro Master themselves, so that they could build the perfect campervan to suit their personal needs and accommodate living full time vanlife. I feel like I say this every week these days, but once again this is one of the coolest vans I’ve seen!! I’m so impressed with their ingenious use of space and the stunning, white, clean finish. This van has too many cool elements to list, but to name a few it features; not one, but two separate work areas, a hidden full piano (as well as guitar and ukulele!), Wi Boost for improved remote working, TONS of storage, Propex heater, MASSIVE kitchen with full stove top & oven and AC fridge / freezer, clever bespoke drawers, super cute custom wine rack, FULL BATHROOM with hot shower & composting toilet, massive water tank, super comfy fixed bed, boat hatch sun roof, big permanent sofa for chilling, dimmable bedside lights, massive garage, exterior 2nd shower, slide-out tray for two bikes, unique, slide out two person chair, exterior hammock chairs, doorway swing chair and exterior flip down table…. to name just a few of its features!

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