Mini-Retirement Week 1: Not That Exciting

While it was nice to not have to think about work anymore, my first week of mini-retirement was fairly uneventful. I had a bad cold all week culminating with the breaking of my right eardrum so now I can’t really hear out of my right ear. Lucky is sitting in the driveway covered in snow and looking like he wants to hit the road. There’s still quite a bit of work to do on the camper before we leave including:

  • Dicor the whole roof perimeter
  • Replace the main door handle (Old one broke and now it’s stuck closed)
  • Replace outer compartment locks and thumb latches
  • Install water sensors in front cap area to provide advanced warning of any water issues
  • Install two Maxxair vent covers

We’re slowly ticking things off the list around the house. I cleaned up and listed the Buick on Craigslist, it sold a few days later for $2500 which was a nice surprise. I also cleaned up the van and listed it on Craigslist, I don’t think it will be as quick of a sell. We’ve been packing and cleaning the house in preparation for rental showings. We moved all of the large furniture to the storage unit which is filling up quickly. I installed a new microwave and dishwasher, both of which were quite frustrating. I dislike home improvement, but I dislike spending money more, and so I decided to perform installation myself.

Various RV gear has been arriving on our front porch, the most interesting being our Clam Pavillion pop-up shelter/tent. We took some time to set it up in the back yard and are pleasantly surprised at the ease of set-up and how big it is inside. It’s about 110 square feet of extra living space that I’m sure we’ll appreciate once we’re on the road. We should be able to set it up over the picnic table at most campsites and it will hopefully be a convenient way to contain the kids. A Kijaro camp chair also arrived. It is quite comfortable.

On Tuesday there were several rental showings scheduled so we headed to the local recreation center to kill some time. I shot some hoops while the boys dribbled around the gym, it was pretty fun, I don’t think I’ve shot hoops for almost 20 years. I’m still pretty bad. After the boys got bored with basketball we headed to the pool for some swimming. It felt strange to be out and about on a weekday while the world kept turning without us, but its a nice way to avoid weekend crowds.

Overall it was quite a week, but not very relaxing. With that being said, not having to think about work is a new and wonderful feeling. It’s a feeling I haven’t felt since starting full time work out of college. Even on long vacations there would be a large part of my mind dedicated to worrying about work stuff, even when there wasn’t much to worry about. This next week will be focused more on the tasks that need to be completed before we hit the road. I’m hoping we can leave sometime during the second to last week of February but we’ll see how it goes. And that’s the week that was.