Unemployed and Loving It: or Is There Life After Career Suicide?

Well here I am, officially unemployed as of about an hour ago. No job. No place to go during the daytime. No paycheck. I’m a little freaked out, but hey I’ll probably get over it…. Anyway, today marks a new chapter of life. The job that I just left is the only ‘real’ job I’ve ever had. It was my first job out of college and I did it for almost 15 years. I’ve got to say its an awfully strange feeling to quit a job, especially with the unconventional plans we’ve concocted. It was nice though to hear from well wishers some of whom I’ve known for the entire 15 years. I’m feeling more sadness than I expected, maybe that’s good though.

Now the goal is at least a one year mini retirement of traveling the US and Canada in a 24 foot RV. We’ve still got about 3 weeks left of preparation in order to be able to leave. We need to take care of some things such as getting our house rented, moving all of our remaining stuff into our storage unit, getting health insurance, and some other odds and ends.

The short term plan is to get to southern New Mexico (White Sands and Las Cruces area) where we should be able to turn on our water (hopefully THIS guy winterized correctly). After seeing the sights we’ll slowly make our way to Arizona where my parents have rented a condo, then on to California where my mother-in-law has booked an airbnb for early April. I imagine we’ll cherish the hot showers and sleeping in a real bed.

In the meantime it’s going to be weird not working. Right now it feels like walking out of class on the last day of school, with the big difference being that I knew what was ahead of me on the last day of school. Now, not so much. Oh, and the money… I’m going to miss the money.

That’s about all for now, keep an eye out for updates on how my first week of unemployment treats me.