Small Town & Forest Camp -South Carolina VanLife 04/2021

Moving north from Savannah, Georgia into South Carolina. We head towards the Francis Marion National Forest near McClellanville, South Carolina. I take a drive into the small town to explore a bit before heading back into the forest to find a camp. We settle into a free camp in the Honey Hill Recreation Area which is part of the Francis Marion National Forest. This is a beautiful forest with giant live oaks and loblolly pines. There was an abundance of caterpillars falling from the oaks as well as a heavy population of birds. This made for a great experience camped out in the woods.

*My name is Brian. I started living full time in a self built camper van in 2014 in my hometown of San Diego, CA. I hit the road full-time in 2015 to pursue seasonal work and travel around the U.S. I find free camping on public land and enjoy photography, hiking, biking, and kayaking in nature. Join me on my adventures.
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