YOU WON’T EXPECT THIS! Van Life Couple Q&A | MUST WATCH ENDING | Van Life Rap Music Video

What inspired us to do van life? What are our travel plans? When did we know we were gay? You asked, here are our answers. It’s Q&A time for this Van life couple. The ending is our favorite and a must watch! You won’t expect this…


Nat’s Spotify Playlist – it’s a bit random, keywords: entrancing, emotive, enabling creative space, feel the beat or feel the lyric :

Crystal Bottles – A gift from our friends at New Moon Sanctuary :

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00:00 – Intro
01:27 – What Inspired You To Do Van Life?
02:17 – Our Favorite Boondocking Site In The USA
03:09 – Our Future Travel Plans
04:00 – How We Found Our Van
05:10 – Off Grid Homestead?
08:20 – Our Spotify Playlist For You
09:11 – Food: Our Favorite Topic
11:37 – Van Life with Dogs Q&A
13:36 – Our Coming Out Stories, How We Met & Wedding
21:21 – Why We Love New Moon Sanctuary
22:03 – Let’s Talk MaryJane
23:15 – First Dare, Acro Yoga
23:50 – Second Dare, Freestyle Rap Your Van Build Journey
24:57 – Van Life Rap Music Video

We’re building an off grid tiny home and on top of that we’re building on a budget! Are we crazy to tear apart our first camper van build? Yup, but we think these new improvements will be worth it. We didn’t film much of our first DIY van conversion so we are very excited to be documenting how two amateurs do a Sprinter van build on a budget. Watch as Towanda 2.0 comes to life!

Watch the build from the beginning:

This week, along with our Q&A, we did something we’ve never done!
We made a VAN LIFE RAP VIDEO! That’s right, one of our viewers DARED US TO DO IT. Challenge accepted. We hope you enjoy watching this van life music video as much as we enjoyed creating it. It’s a MUST WATCH unforgettable ending.

Nat and Abi
Bear + Peluche


INSTAGRAM @letsplayrideandseek :



We are Nat & Abi, a lesbian couple from the USA, and together with our rescue dogs, Bear + Peluche, we make a family. In 2018 we turned Towanda, a 2004 Sprinter Van, into an off grid tiny home on wheels so that we could travel the world! Our goal is to inspire others to live their own dreams, whether that is van life or something else!


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We love our LGBTQ+ friends and have founded a platform for queer nomads, check out @VANLIFEPRIDE on INSTAGRAM.


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